Satisfying Color Change 3D Printed Chess King Time Lapse With Zi-Rui Color Change PLA Filament

This 3D printed spiral chess king from the set by BigBadBison on is one of my favorite recent 3D prints. The spiral pattern mixed with the color change filament is just so satisfying to watch. Here is the link to the model
I printed this on my Ender 3 Pro 3D printer, still my go to printer after trying so many different printers including other Creality models. I used a Raspberry PI 4 running Octprint to record the time-lapse.
#3DPrinting #timelapse #Octoprint

Let just say that Zi-Rui’s color change filament is the only PLA that I am willing to spend over $20 for. I think I have turned into a walking billboard for recommending this filament to so many people, but I can’t help it, the shift from army green(they call it pine green) to bring yellow is just so cool! I am on vacation currently but I will take picture of the cooled piece when I return home. Here is a link to the filament

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