Online Chess Tournaments for Kids

Epic Weekly Club with Chess Tournaments for Kids 


Join a weekly fast paced challenging chess tournament on my exclusive custom chess platform. Develop critical thinking, social & problem solving skills, chess tactics. Intermediate to advanced players. Great summer chess camp activity.

chess tournaments for kids

Online Chess Tournaments for Kids –
Class Experience

What is a chess tournament club and how does it work?
Each week students will play a series of fast-paced exciting chess matches on my OutSchool exclusive chess platform. We will use a 7-minute per side time control/limit with a 2-second increment added for each move.

What experience should I have before joining this chess club?
No prior chess tournament experience is required, but players should have a strong grasp of the rules of chess. Players of all skill levels are welcome, but the club is recommended for players with some competitive chess experience, especially on other online chess platforms. Chess is a game where players learn best through experience so students new to chess should plan to learn through mistakes and ask questions so that they can improve. The class is not ideal for students who have only recently learned how to move the pieces. This is an ongoing OutSchool class so every week features a new tournament and a new chance to improve your chess skills.

Which club should I join?
Whichever of my 9 chess clubs you join, you will find a unique challenge and leave with your chess skills improved. I have many clubs scheduled throughout the week so everyone can find a day that fits their schedule.

Monday 4pm EST & 7pm EST
Tuesday 10am and 4pm EST
Wednesday 4pm EST
Friday 4pm and 7pm EST
Saturday 1pm EST
Sunday 1pm EST

What unique features are offered by this chess club?
Each week’s games are processed by my chess analysis engine with the best tactics being featured as part of a chess puzzle database that challenges students to improve their gameplay as well as provides them with an incentive for further success in their chess games. The greatest thing about this style of chess club competition is that tournament pairings virtually guarantee you will be paired with a student of equivalent strength as the tournament progresses. Stronger tournament results reflect growth in a student’s chess ability and lead to new more challenging opponents.

What benefits can students expect from playing chess?
This chess club is all about improving your skills, engaging in friendly competition, and enjoying some epic games of chess! My fondest memories of my childhood revolve around chess tournaments. I played competitively in chess tournaments beginning at the age of 11 until I began running my own chess clubs as a middle school teacher for 17 years. I owe the game of chess for teaching me patience, good sportsmanship, and self-confidence. As a scholastic player in Florida in the 1990’s I had the honor of being named Florida Elementary Chess Champion two times and hold a chess rating of approximately 1800. I love offering that same excitement that I found as a child, to the students in my chess club.

What is
At the beginning of 2022, we began using my new chess platform This website is exclusive to my OutSchool students and does not require students to register for an account. This site was developed to provide a more secure website for my chess students as well as allow me to customize the website to better fit my student’s needs. One of the newest features is the winner of each week’s tournament being given the title of honorary Grandmaster with the GM title being placed next to their name for the following week. With the help of student feedback and suggestions, additional new features will be added throughout the year. All account login information will be provided by me through the OutSchool platform. This allows me to ensure that no email or other personal information will be collected.

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