Live 3D Printer Troubleshooting & Self-Paced 3D Printing Classes

A new 3D printer is a maker’s dream come true. I offer a variety of online 3D printing classes and help for novice 3D printer owners.


Private 3D Printer Help Sessions  – $50 Per Hour

Struggling with 3D printer problems such as 3D prints not sticking to the bed, strange sounds coming from your 3d printer’s extruder or just need help setting up your 3D printer and slicing software for the first time? I am here to help with a variety of online 3D printing classes. Contact me via the contact form at the top of the page or at and we will arrange a convenient time to troubleshoot your 3D printing problem and get you successfully printing again!

Self-Paced 3D Printing Lessons For Young 3D Printer Owners – 4 Weekly Sessions $60

The course below will provide young 3D printer owners with all of the skills they need to start working with their new 3D printer including setup a new 3D printer, explore computer aided design tools CAD, share our successful 3D prints and learn to troubleshoot common 3D printer problems.

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3D Printing Problem? How Can I Help?

Have a specific 3D printing issue that I can help with? Contact me and we will schedule a convenient time for a 1-1, 3D printing troubleshooting session.

Please include the brand and model of your 3D printer and a detailed description of any issues you are having with the printer

The Experience: Self-Paced 3D Printing Classes

Congratulations on joining the exciting world of 3D printer ownership! When I purchased my first 3D printer nearly a decade ago I was so excited about all of the 3D models that would decorate my office. One of my first prints, a Shrek tissue box, printed for over 10 hours until I heard a now very familiar clicking noise from my printer. It had clogged and was now missing the top 20% of the print. You know the old saying When life gives you lemons… make a pencil holder. The incomplete Shrek head has served me well by both teaching me a lesson about how to deal with a clogged nozzle as well as holding all of my pencils and pens inside the holes made by the infill.

In my first months of 3D printing, I learned the ropes with several fun models like Flexi-Rex(A flexible dinosaur), Cali-Cat(a calibration tool in the shape of a cat) and Benchy(a calibration boat) My biggest challenge and experience came in the the Spring of 2020 when, like many, I felt powerless when it came to the Covid-19 Pandemic and wanted to find a way to help. When I saw on the news that PPE, especially face shields, were in short supply I found my calling. I worked with a group of fellow teachers to bring the 3D printers sitting dormant in our local schools to our houses to create our own “printer farms” capable of printing in mass quantities these desperately needed supplies. With 10 3D printers running in my office and the help of several students, we 3D printed and donated over 3500 face shields to nurses and doctors in need throughout the United States. This experience truly taught me the power that a group of makers can have to change the world.

Just type “clogged 3D printer nozzle” into YouTube and you will see 1000’s of helpful videos showing how to deal with this dilemma. The only problem is that these solutions are often dated, confusing or simply apply to a different 3D printer than the one you own. The purpose of this class is to provide for new young 3D printer owners a guide on how to handle both the challenges that 3D printers throw your way as well as provide some of my favorite projects that are sure to excite and inspire new 3D printer owners.

While this is a FLEX class, I am here to serve as a mentor to new 3D printer owners as they begin their exciting journey. In addition to the 4 weeks of screencasts showing everything from setup to troubleshooting, students can message me on OutSchool at any time with questions. I will even be able to schedule a Live session on Zoom if students are in need of more in-person advice. Having someone to bounce ideas off of will lead to more confidence and success as students learn all about their new printer.

This FLEX class will be useful to owners of a wide variety of 3D printer brands, but will use the printers I personally own for both lessons and specific guidance. All of my current 3D printers are made by the company Creality which I highly recommend. My first printer, an Ender 3 Pro, is my favorite both due to its reliability as well as ease of setup. I also own 2 Ender 5 Pro printers that I use to print my larger models.

Class Interaction Details
This class will go far beyond messaging and classroom posts. Students will be able to send in weekly videos and photos to share with both the teacher and their fellow classmates. We will organize these photos into a “Maker fair” for students to provide feedback and encourage each other as they learn this exciting craft. Each week will also include a “Maker’s Challenge” where students can use Tinkercad and their personal creativity to create and share their designs with the group.

FLEX Class Agenda

Week 1:
We discuss how to get your printer calibrated and ready to print.
Topics will include:
Levelling the 3D printer bed
Loading filament(harder than it looks)
Surprising 3D printer supplies. Hint: Purple glue sticks are one of them!
The perfect first 3D printer models and calibration tools
Introduction to the Cura slicing tool

Week 2:
Your first “Real” 3D prints
Print In Place Models(Flexi-Rex & Fidget Cubes)
The best Sites to find free 3D models to print
Introduction to Tinkercad Free Computer Aided Design software
Advanced Cura Settings

Week 3:
Advanced Tinkercad designs. Design, build and print your own fidget spinner
Experimental Cura Settings: Coasting, Spiralize Outer Contour, Fuzzy Mode
Vase Mode 3D prints(The secret to printing large models, fast)

Week 4:
More Cura Settings(Layer size, speed)
Lithophanes(You can 3D print photos!)
Sectioning large models into smaller prints
Tree mode supports
Student model showcase

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