Micro:Bit Battle Bots Bot Turns Off Opponent’s Power – Victory or Disqualification?

Here we have another thrilling battle from my Micro:Bit Battle Bots Outschool Class. I have several new 5 day sessions of this class starting soon. The classes are 100% online. This battle had a very surprise ending. Is turning off your opponent’s power grounds for disqualification or victory?

Battle Objective: Two Microbits are loaded into Yahboom’s Tiny:Bit vehicle modules and battle autonomously to knock the Lego pins from the side of the enemy vehicle. Each battle lasts 3 minutes or until one bot has lost all of its pins. I will be posting new battle videos often so please Subscribe to my channel.
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The battle bots league is part of a class I teach on Outschool for ages 10-13. If you are interested in joining one of my upcoming sections please see the link below.

Each Micro:bit Tiny:Bit module has a 3D printed harness added to provide a place to secure the Lego pins. The pins themselves are attached to genuine lego pieces that have been hot-glued to the side of the 3D printed harness.

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