Micro:Bit Battle Bots 2021 Team Blaze vs Team Ice Microbit Bot Wars League

Welcome to the first Micro:Bit Battle Bots League Episode. This will be the first of many battles to come. Want to get in on the action? Subscribe to this channel! Instructions on how to create your own bot code and enter it into the arena will be posted shortly. No Micro:Bit required!

Battle Objective: Two Microbits are loaded into Yahboom’s Tiny:Bit vehicle modules and battle autonomously to knock the Lego pins from the side of the enemy vehicle. Each battle lasts 3 minutes or until one bot has lost all of its pins. I will be posting new battle videos often so please Subscribe.

The battle bots league is part of a class I teach on Outschool for ages 10-13. If you are interested in joining one of my upcoming sections please see the link below.

Each Micro:bit Tiny:Bit module has a 3D printed harness added to provide a place to secure the Lego pins. The pins themselves are attached to genuine lego pieces that have been hot-glued to the side of the 3D printed harness.

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