I Coded a Micro:Bit Battle Bot That Can Be Controlled From Anywhere In The World w Unity and Radio

This is the next step to creating a fully functional Micro:Bit Battle Bots program for students where students anywhere in the world can both program the bots from their computers as well as control them to battle at a remote location(My office). I am so excited about the possibilities.

Please SUBSCRIBE! I will share the Unity and Micro:Bit codes once everything is a bit more refined, debugged and cleaned up.

This is the first prototype of a Unity program that serves as a middleman between a student’s computer anywhere in the world and a Micro:Bit robot car by Yahboom located in my office. The way the program works is as follows:
1. The student opens a provided website link to a uploaded Unity WebGL project and clicks a button on the retro game controller.
2. The website sends a message to a free multiplayer server on Playerio.com
3. Playerio sends the code for the student’s button choice to the host’s computer which is running a 2nd Unity program capable of sending Serial messages to a attached Micro:bit
4. The host’s local Unity project passes the corresponding serial command to the Micro:Bit which then broadcasts a signal to the Micro:Bit in the Yahboom Tiny:Bit module.
5. The Micro:bit in the Tiny:Bit responds to the radio code by performing the corresponding action(Spin,Drive,Reverse,Blink)

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