3D Printed Oreo – Which One Is Real? | 3D Printing Time Lapse Ender 3 Pro Printer

3D Printed Oreos are one of my favorite 3D Prints! It is amazing that 3D printed plastic can mimic real life so well. These 3D prints from JdexterB on Thingiverse(See end of the description for a link) match the image of the Oreo on the package so well that it makes me wonder if the Oreo on the package is 3D printed or real? One day I was walking into the school where I teach with my daughter and her friend. I showed the 3D printed Oreo to her and said “Check It Out”. Apparently she thought I was giving her the real thing and actually took a bite of the 3D Printed Plastic. Luckily, no broken teeth, just a shocked look and a memorable 3D Printing story.

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While making this time lapse I also realized that real Oreos are most certainly not black like the picture on the Oreo package. Real Oreos are brown! Don’t believe me? Open a package of Oreos and you will see what I mean. I may try reprinting these Oreos with some dark brown wood filament and see how close I can come to replicating the real thing.

How Are My 3D Prints Made?
All of my 3D Time Lapses are printed on a Creality Ender 3 Printer with a Raspberry Pi B handling the time lapse coordination. 3D printing requires a large amount of patience with many models running taking 12+ hour to complete and several printing for well over a day. Each layer is between .1 and .2 mm thick. Think the thickness of a sheet of printer paper! I used Jarees Black 3D Printing Filament to build both of these models. I think the Filament did a great job!
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Filament Link: Jarees Black Filament
Model Link

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