3D Printed Odd1sOut Time Lapse On Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer

I hope you enjoy this Odd1sOut 3D Time Lapse. The model is generally printed lying down, but I rotated it 60 degrees and used supports behind the model to keep it standing. Have an idea for my next time lapse video? Share it in the comment. I love requests!

How time lapse 3D Prints Work
After each .1 MM(Thickness of a sheet of paper!) layer the 3D printer pauses, moves the extruder to the rear of the printer, takes a photo and then continues the print giving the illusion of the print appearing from thin air.
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Print and Filament Details
This video was filmed using Octoprint connected to a Raspberry Pi B with a Wyzecam Camera. My printer is a trusty Creality Ender 3 Pro that can be purchased these days for around $200. Total print time was around 4.5 Hours with each layer set to .1MM Thick.
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