3D Printed Christmas Tree – Time Lapse On Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer Running Octoprint w/ Wyzecam

The 3D Printed Christmas Tree is one of the most unique 3D prints around. Each layer of the Christmas tree is formed by purposely printing horizontal lines of filament seemingly in midair. The molten plastic droops and curls with nothing beneath it and forms what is known as a “DrooLoop”. This video was filmed using Octoprint connected to a Raspberry Pi B with a Wyzecam Camera.

After each .2 MM layer the 3D printer pauses, moves the extruder to the rear of the printer, takes a photo and then continues the print giving the illusion of the print appearing from thin air. Total print time was around 6 Hours with each layer set to .2MM This print used Solutech’s Camo Green filament available on Amazon.com
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