Micro:Bit Battle Bots Summer Camps 100% Online Robotics Battles Ages 10-13 using Yahboom Tiny:Bit

In this electronics and programming & robotics course, students will build & code Micro:Bit battle bots to evade & engage rival bots in our class arena. Microbits use block code similar to Scratch. Great STEM summer camp activity
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The Yahboom Tiny:Bit Micro:Bit Car can be purchased directly from Yahboom’s website
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In this class we will use the incredible Micro:Bit electronics and coding platform to build our very own autonomous vehicle. Our Micro:bit car will be able to recognize obstacles and drive autonomously around the house. As students learn how to program their Micro:Bit vehicles to learn new skills, they will write code that will autonomously pilot one of the two Micro:Bits in my classroom arena. The “arena” is a 4 x 2 foot small animal enclosure equipped a webcam so students can view the action live during class. Students will watch over our Zoom meeting as their programs lead their Micro:Bits to attempt to disarm their opponents by knocking off a set of lego pins attached to each side of our bot. Students will use their own Micro:Bit vehicles to dream up interesting maneuvers to outsmart their rivals. No prior experience is required, just a creative mind and willingness to learn a new set of inventing skills.

No two Micro:Bit creations in this class will be the same. Although we will all learn the same code and hardware, each student will be designing their own unique code to have their Micro:Bits follow in the arena. For our Micro:Bit car we will use the Yahboom vehicle kit(available on Amazon). Students will only need the single Micro:Bit and car module kit since they will be training their personal vehicle to perform with the same code as the bots in the arena. As we complete each step of the design process we will put our vehicles through a series of “road tests” where we have the opportunity to put our code to the test and problem solve the inevitable challenges that arise.

Our Class Agenda
Day 1
We will get to know the Micro:Bit device and the Yahboom Micro:Bit car. We will waste no time and get right into coding our vehicle to follow one of several different patterns. Right from day one we will be refining our code to improve accuracy and speed and debugging any issues along the way.
Day 2
We will put our vehicles through their first road test where it will follow a program we set and need to complete “laps” across the room. We will work together to refine our code to increase our speed and accuracy. Students will be grouped into two teams to brainstorm how the on-board sensors of the Micro:Bit and Yahboom car can work together to help it evade and engage rival bots in the arena. Students will share their code with me in the classroom leading to our first team Micro:Bit battle.
Day 3
We will begin to implement the on-board ultra-sonic sensor of the car which will allow it to recognize obstacles such as books, walls and even feet and correct its course before a collision takes place. Our goal will be make our vehicle as autonomous as possible which will require significant brainstorming and problem solving. We will conclude the day with our Micro:Bit team battle.
Day 4
We will put our vehicles through our second road test where we will require it to avoid a series of pre-designed obstacles we place in its path. We will refine our code as we work to increase our speed and accuracy. We will share the successes and challenges that remain to be overcome. We will begin to prepare for a round robin battle to be held over the final two days of class.
Day 5
Students will test and refine their code to engage in several thrilling individual battles in the arena. Depending on the class size and group vote we will either continue to battle as teams or engage in one on one battles.
Day 6
We will share our code and optionally video of our vehicles in action. We will complete our final battles and discuss the challenges that we have overcome in both making our vehicle self-reliant. We will discuss additional components at could be added the vehicle to develop a remote control system and further improve our creations. Towards the end of class we will celebrate our achievements in creating our own unique Micro:Bit invention.

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