Marvel 3D Printed Lithophane Appears From The Void – Endgame Time Lapse Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer

I finally solved my challenge of 3D printing a lithophane and I love how this Endgame time lapse came out!(Link to the 3D model at end of description) At first I thought 3D printing a lithophane time lapse would be a piece of cake. Boy was I wrong! Each time I 3D printed this Marvel Endgame lithophane I either:
1) Used the wrong white PLA filament. Filament made for lithophanes actually makes a difference!
2) Massively overexposed the 3D print and got mostly blinded by the led
3) Underexposed the time lapse and got a boring image with no Tony Stark to be seen.
4) Watched as the lithophane failed midway through and ended up being a pile of 3D printed Marvel Spaghetti

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3D Time Lapsing A Lithophane: My Solution
I finally got the the recipe down on how to get a 3D printed lithophane to be a success.
1) I purchased one of these clip on lights from Amazon and attached it to the old location of my 3D printers feeder stepper so that the light would rise as the lithophane prints. I angled the light so that it would start below the printer bed and slowly rise as the 3D print comes to life.
2) I used American Filament’s Classic White filament that is actually designed for printing lithophanes!
3) I boosted the exposure in in my Octolapse settings to 371 and upped my gain as well
4) I used the yellow light on the LED to really bring out the details in the 3D print.
After a whole lot of trial and error I got the time lapse to successfully print!

If you are looking to 3D print this lithophane here is the link to the print and the filament I used.
3D Model Link
3D Printer Filament
Classic Lithophane White From American Filament

How Time Lapse 3D Prints Work
After each .2 MM layer( That is barely thicker than a sheet of paper!) the 3D printer pauses, moves the extruder to the rear of the printer, takes a photo and then continues the print giving the illusion of the print appearing from thin air.
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