If I Could Only 3D Print 1 Thing | 3D Printing Time Lapse On Ender 3 Pro Vase Mode

This 3D Printed Hot Air Balloon by Ramai stands precariously on a base that is barely more than a centimeter wide compared to the 9cm at its widest point. It is truly one of my favorite Thingiverse models of all time and can be printed in just over an hour at its normal size. This is a great opportunity to show off just how exciting 3D printing can be. See the bottom of the description for the model and filament link.

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The key setting for success with this model is to turn on “Spiralize Outer Contour” or “Vase Mode” which allows the outer layer of the balloon to be one layer thick. Other than that make sure your 3D print is using a base since the base is so small. This particular model was done at 200% which took just over 4 hours.
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While there is an additional basket that can be added to the balloon, I think it looks great hanging from fishing line with or without the basket. This model was printed using favorite color change filament by Zui-Ri It is hard to believe that when cooled this balloon is almost an army green, but with the heat of the extruder and the bed, the color shifts to orange and finally to a vivid yellow. I have printed everything from volcanos to Benchys with this filament and I keep coming back for more.

How Are My 3D Prints Made?
All of my 3D Time Lapses are printed on a Creality Ender 3 Printer with a Raspberry Pi B handling the time lapse coordination. 3D printing requires a large amount of patience with many models running taking 12+ hour to complete and several printing for well over a day. Each layer is between .1 and .2 mm thick. Think the thickness of a sheet of printer paper!

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Filament Link: https://www.amazon.com/Zi-Rui-Printer-Filament-Changing-Temperature/dp/B07M5Y4DF6/
Model Link

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