Halloween 3D Prints 2021 – Disembodied Hand Prop – Time Lapse On Ender 3 Pro

Huge 3D Prints for Halloween don’t need to take days to 3D print. This 3D printed hand time lapse only took about 6 hours to 3D print and measures in at over 200mm tall. The Thingiverse 3D printing artist that designed this print, FOR63, provided a variety of hands that can easily be mounted to the wall for a Halloween party, buried for your Halloween display and I have had a great time using these hands as “tiny arms” to scare my children. I had a create time creating this 3D print time lapse.

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3D Print Details
Printed in .2mm layer height with 0% infill on the Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer
Octoprint along with a raspberry pi were used to create this time lapse. I have a Logitech c920 webcam taking the photos for the 3D print time lapse. The print had just over 1100 layers placing it at just over 200mm in height.

Model Link And Filament Details
Reaching Wall Hands by FOR63