3D Printed Bonk Meme – My Kid Made Me 3D Print This Cheems & Doge Time Lapse

How I Ended Up 3D Printing The Bonk Meme
3D printing a meme is not new to me, but when my kid showed me this viral bonk meme and asked me if I could 3d print it, I assumed that there were no bonk 3d print models in existence. Low and behold, Thingiverse delivers again with this Bonk meme 3D model from SelwynCoy.(Like at the end of the description. I am still not sure I 100% understand the Bonk meme featuring Doge and Cheems, but thats okay, as I am often told by my kids… I’m old. . I did have to make a couple edits in Meshmixer to get the Bonk 3D print to lay flat and I will post a remix later this week.

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3D Print Results
This 3D printed meme took around 4 hours to print and measured 17.8cm x 11.6cm x 5.6cm. I would recommend printing the bonk meme with supports since as you can see, the Cheems face in the print had some stringing due to the overhang and the baseball bat was a little bit nerve wracking at times. Overall a fun print and a bonk meme I only somewhat understand.

How Time Lapse 3D Prints Work
After each .2 MM layer( That is barely thicker than a sheet of paper!) the 3D printer pauses, moves the extruder to the rear of the printer, takes a photo and then continues the print giving the illusion of the print appearing from thin air.
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Model Link And Filament Details
Bonk Meme By SelwynCoy
Gold Silk Filament by Filamento

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